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turn potential into profits


We build custom integrations for farm management systems that enable data to autonomously flow into the Verdova platform.


Our platform automatically refines your data — fixing errors and filling gaps, changing labels and formats — to meet the specific needs of potential buyers and provide you an all-in-one solution to visualize your data.


Verdova searches out and secures data partners to create a variety of opportunities for growers to get compensated for their data — 85% of the revenue generated from the sale.



Growers are not benefiting from the data they already produce. Why haven’t growers been able to negotiate compensation for their data? It comes down to two simple elements: quality and quantity.

our solution


Our mission is to eliminate traditional constraints and position growers at the forefront. We provide a means to manage, refine, and monetize Ag data through a straightforward and transparent process.

is your data verdova verified?

Verdova gathers, aggregates and provides clean, verified field-level data at scale to create revenue-generating opportunities for farmers and better decision-making for agribusiness.

A case for Data Monetization

the carbon opportunity

The days of only earning income on your grain are gone. It’s said that when you’re good at something, you shouldn’t do it for free. Your operation’s ability to effectively document and capture carbon makes that data worth paying a premium for. Verdova is proudly in the business of helping farmers democratize their collective data sets, ensuring it's used for the greatest good while returning maximum returns.

No Cost to Participate

You hold all the cards here, not the other way around.Together, we’ll identify which data needs exist in the market and determine what’s worth your while. Our user-friendly interface takes the hassle out of data uploads by automatically formatting everything for you.

Grower-Friendly Payments

Cash is king here at Verdova – our grower partners receive at least 75% of any carbon sale price in real-life money, never corporate rebates or cryptocurrency. Growers can also earn an additional 2.5% revenue share collected from carbon credit sales.

Only Registry-Approved Program at Scale

We treat your information with integrity, meaning you decide who, when and where your data can be accessed. Conversely, we hold our corporate buyers to the highest of standards by seeking credits issued by reputable carbon registries to ensure compliance.

Confirmed Buyers

Whether this is your first foray or you’re an old pro when it comes to monetizing carbon credits, we’re here to make your next experience an exceptional one. In addition to our world-class farmers, we pride ourselves on the company we keep regarding our corporate buyers. To date, we have received purchase commitments from the likes of JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, Ralph Lauren, and more.


the data monetization guide



let’s answer your questions

How does pricing work ?

Not a thing, at Verdova we are building clean verified data a scale to create revenue generating opportunities for farmers.

What is the catch?

There isn’t a catch, we believe Verdova will be an industry changing partnership for growers and welcome you to find out for yourself.

How good does my data have to be?

We work with multiple levels of complete and fragmented data. Connect with one of our engineers to better understand your data quality and what the future holds.

How do I control my data?

Verdova will not share or use your information without your permission.

When do I get paid?

Once you decide to participate in a data deal, our goal is to get you paid within 30 days of meeting the requirements.

How much can I earn from my data?

To date, our growers have been paid an average of $5,100 each.

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Join the data revolution

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